Best Way to Clean Char Broil Infrared Grill

Best Way to Clean Char Broil Infrared Grill

Dirty and untreated infrared grills corrode. This is a guide for cleaning an infrared grill manufactured by Char-Broil. Every time you cook, you must clean the grill. Before storing or utilizing the grill again, it would be in great condition. Char-broil makes some of the greatest infrared grills, so they last for years.

Therefore, they remain exposed to harm when ignored. There are a few similarities between cleaning an infrared grill and a standard barbecue. Before storing the grills, care must be taken to assure that no food residue remains.

It’s better to always have a clean grill than to over-clean it. Use the recommendations below to ensure that the grill is clean and unharmed.

Cleaning After Cooking

This one is called the burn-off strategy, and you should use it after each use. Do this to maintain the grill clean and free of germs. After each usage, clean the infrared grill to make it ready for the next meal and to prevent it from collecting impurities or damaging factors.

Food residuals are a grill’s enemies. You must check that the grill has no microorganisms that can cause food poisoning.

Step 1: Preheat the Char-Broil Infrared Grill

  • After the initial cooking, heat the burners to high.
  • Close the cover and heat it for 15 minutes to remove the residue.
  • At the highest temperature, the food residue remaining in the grill will begin to burn and become rigid.
  • Then, vacuum or brush them off the grill.

Step 2: Initial Cleaning

  • Once food residue turns to char or smoke, clean the grill using a brush or rake.
  • Remove lumps and char from cooking grates.
  • You can still clean the barbecue after the grill rake skips some dirt.
  • Let the lid cool after brushing.

Step 3: Remove the Food Bits

  • Grill rakes don’t remove all residue.
  • It cleans grill residue.
  • Clean barbecue grates with a nylon or grill brush.
  • Remove baked-on particles.
  • Use a blade, but don’t press too hard or you may destroy the grill grates’ non-stick feature or leave dents that will cause food to stick.

Step 4: Final Cleaning

  • There’s no need to remove Char-Broil infrared grill glass panels.
  • Tap and clean the grill to remove fallen ash and debris.
  • Clean the glass panels with a moist cloth and sweep out debris.
  • Brush off stubborn debris before wiping the panels.

Step 5: Coating

  • Once the grill has completely cooled and all food residue has been removed, ensure there are no moist spots.
  • Coat the grill grate and burners with high-temperature oil.
  • This protects the grill’s components from rust and corrosion.
  • When cooking, it will also add a layer of non-stick coating.

Why does my Grill Smoke so much?

If your infrared grill produces heavy smoke, there’s a problem. Smoking on an infrared grill primarily produces RESIDUALS. As soon as the infrared grill arrives from the company, it must be heated. The grill will emit smoke owing to manufacturing residue; therefore, you must burn them off.

Residue smoke is non-toxic. After seasoning, the grill shouldn’t emit smoke unless the oil hits its smoke point. Food residue on the grill grates causes it to smoke after months of use.

This means the grill needs more regular maintenance or deep cleaning.

What happens if I don’t clean my infrared grill?

Unclean grills can cause several problems. First, food residuals on the grill will affect future meals. Food residuals smell and taste bad. These can ruin the flavor of future items you make.

Dirt and food residue ruin the grill quickly. Clean the grill before storing it or not using it for a while. I also recommend cleaning an unused grill before using it.

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