Can You Freeze Fresh Collard Greens Without Blanching

Can You Freeze Fresh Collard Greens Without Blanching

The low temperature of the refrigerator helps them to keep fresh, so you do not need to repurchase them every time you want to use them in a meal or dish. Collard greens are the one ingredient. These greens are utilized in various cuisines, from salads to soups.

That is why you must understand the methods for freezing them. However, individuals frequently blanch and freeze the leaves, which causes the greens to lose their freshness and nutritional value. Therefore, we will examine if fresh collard greens can be frozen without blanching.

What Are Collard Greens?

There are multiple kinds of greens, ranging from herbs used daily in cooking to veggies used often, such as cabbage or turnip leaves. However, collard greens are the most popular of all vegetables.

Due to their enormous edible leaves are one of the most commonly available and planted food items worldwide. Their leaves are so massive and nearly identical to all Brassica species.

There are various types of greens, ranging from biennial plants to perennial perennials. However, since the greens have huge leaves, leaving them outside will increase the likelihood of spoiling. That is why you must learn, “can fresh collard greens be frozen without blanching?”

Can fresh collard greens be frozen without blanching?

The organisms of greens are extremely wet. The water molecules become ice when frozen, keeping the leaves fresh and preventing decomposition.

But humans have been utilizing the blanching method for a very long time. With so much information available on freezing greens or “how to blanch collard greens for freezing,” this technique is increasing in popularity.

But now that people know the drawbacks of blanching, they want to know if you can freeze fresh collard greens without blanching.

The procedure of blanching is just one of the various ways that it can freeze collard greens. We will now go over how to freeze the greens without losing any of their flavor or nutrient benefits.

Blanching Collard Greens

Blanching green vegetables before storing them prevents the leaves and stems from spoiling. So, collard greens are blanched before being refrigerated. A brief introduction to the blanching method will show why it’s not beneficial and how to blanch and freeze greens.

  1. After washing greens, remove the woody stem from below with a chef’s knife after washing greens.
  2. Cut the stem’s spine using a tiny knife. Please make sure it can also flatten the leaf without breaking its spine.
  3. When all the leaves are ready, please place them in a pot of boiling water. Simmer water.
  4. Add another basin with cold water. Adding ice cubes helps maintain the mixture’s temperature.
  5. Remove pan for approximately 1 minute. Pour water into the ice dish.
  6. Submerge the leaves in ice water for 10 to 15 seconds, then dry them on a paper towel.
  7. The paper towel absorbs leaf moisture. Continue until all leaves are dry.
  8. Then, refrigerate the blanched leaves. Depending on their function and variety, they can freeze blanched leaves for five days.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Blanching Greens?

Consider the cons of freezing blanched collard greens. We’ve addressed how blanching ruins collard beans. Let’s listen!

  1. Diet: Blanching collard green leaves for more than a minute can induce nutritional loss.
  2. Green fading: Blanching loses the leaves fresh green color. Any type will lose some color.
  3. Not long-frozen: Blanching adds moisture and softens tissues. Thus It can’t preserve these leaves for long.
  4. Not for salads or sandwiches: The leaves lose their crispiness as the tissue softens. These cannot be used in salads, sandwiches, burgers, or any other dish in which crispy texture is essential. Many prefer to know how to freeze collard greens without destroying their freshness.

How Long Can Uncooked Collard Greens Be Kept in the Freezer? Can You Freeze Raw Collard Greens?

Since you know you can freeze fresh collard greens without blanching, you must grasp the factors that affect the raw greens’ durability in the freezer. The maximum amount of time it can store raw greens is one year.

However, that will lower this time if certain rules are not followed:

  • Maintain the collard greens at zero degrees Celsius. It cannot store greens in a standard refrigerator since the low temperature will damage them.
  • If you use a standard bag or container, the moisture within the freezer will cause the leaves to rot after they are defrosted. That is why it must store collard greens in the freezer or sealed containers.
  • Too much exposure to the elements will cause the leaves of the greens to lose their ice particles.
  • Consequently, they will lose their durability and crunchiness with time.

That is how it should freeze collard greens.


How long are leftover greens usable?

After three to five days, food that has been washed and chopped will begin to lose its freshness. Cooked greens can be consumed if stored in an airtight container and frozen for three to seven days.

How to reheat frozen collards?

Combine chicken broth, thawed collard greens, and water. Mix with frozen collards. Boil for roughly twenty minutes. That is how it should reheat it.

How far in advance may collard greens be prepared?

You can make them a day or many hours in advance. It can help flavors intensify. Ensure that they are refrigerated until they are ready to serve. Reheat these over low heat until they are warm.


Finding out how simple it is to freeze fresh collard greens without blanching is fun. However, if simply adhere to the instructions for freezing the leaves without blanching, you can only experience this fun in real life. Use the recipes we’ve supplied as a starting point if you want to start experimenting with the cuisine.

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